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Who we are
MIRAVILIUS is an online service that offers its customers streaming access to worldwide digital tours (online guided tours) on various devices that can be connected to the Internet, including Smartphones, Tablets, PCs and Smart TVs via the website. www.miravilius.live

The Miravilius service is provided by:

LUCUS SRL - via San Biagio 61 - 84030 Morigerati (Sa) - VAT number 059447570650 - REA SA 485940 - PEC lucus.srl@legalmail.it


Live Tour: the digital Tour (online guided Tour) in live streaming

Miravilius platform: digital web platform dedicated to accessing live streaming

User: anyone using the Miravilius service acquires the status of User. Registration is required if you want to be able to view the video contents on the platform.

Promotional Code: discount code that the Customer enters in the checkout of the Product Purchase phase and will allow you to discount the price of the entire order or the price of a single product.

Digital Content: Digital audio-video, information, applications and in general any digital content not provided on material support such as the Live Tour, hereinafter also referred to as "content".

Device: any device with access to the Internet, such as a smartphone, PC, tablet, smart TV etc.

Methods of Payment: payment tools provided from time to time by LUCUS SRL on the platform.

Miravilius Service: Service that allows the User, via a device, to access and use free and paid services.

Free Service: Services accessible even without registration, which allows the User to view non-paid digital content made available on the Miravilius platform, such as program schedules, trailers, descriptive sheets, faqs, tourist guide cards, images, banners etc.)

Paid services: a set of paid digital content on the Miravilius platform that can only be viewed upon registration and with purchase offers or subscriptions.

Main Conditions of Use

The offer and sale of Miravilius services constitute a distance contract governed by Chapter I, Title III of the Legislative Decree of April 9, 2003, n.70, containing the discipline of electronic commerce.

The sale and use of the Miravilius services are governed by these "General Conditions and Terms of Service" and are subject to their acceptance. The commercial offers shown on the Miravilius platform constitute an integral and substantial part of these "General Conditions and Terms of Service".

In case of presence of the presence of third party sellers on the site www.miravilius.live, the User must check the general conditions of the same before carrying out any transaction, in this case, LUCUS SRL will not be held responsible in any way for the transaction itself.

By registering, the User can subsequently proceed with purchasing the paid services of the Miravilius platform; by sending the registration request, the User declares to have read the privacy information on the site www.miravilius.live and to have accepted these "General conditions and terms of service".

The Miravilius service offers online video via live streaming of guided tours carried out by professional tour guides present on the spot, news on tourist destinations, and other related content, which may vary over time.

It is possible to access Miravilius services from any country and in different languages. Before purchasing any temporal offer (without automatic renewal) or any subscriptions (with automatic renewal), it is necessary for the User to read these "General Conditions and Terms of Use ".

Any offer, promotion or discount may be subject to additional contractual conditions, which may modify or replace these Conditions: If there is a conflict between the "General Conditions" and those related to promotions, discounts, the latter will prevail.

LUCUS SRL reserves the right to modify these "General Conditions" to ensure a better user experience, without leading to a disadvantage on the part of the Use. In the case of an increase in price due to a change in market conditions, the increase will be promptly communicated to the Users, the same will apply to any changes to the payment terms of the Service. If prices or payment terms are changed, communications will be sent clarifying the changes, and within the period of 30 days (only in the case of a subscription lasting more than 30 days), the User can withdraw from the contract if he is not willing to accept the contractual changes communicated. If the changes are due to mandatory legal regulations, the changes may take effect immerdiately.

All Miravilius services and the contents connected and displayed through them are for personal and non-commercial use. The User obtains a limited service by subscribing to the offer or subscription to the Miravilius platform non-exclusive and non-transferable license to third parties to access or view both video and related content on the platform. Therefore, no other rights, interests or ownership will be transferred to the User. The offer or subscriptions subscribed are subject to the authorization of the transaction by your payment service provider or, in the case of use of promotional codes, to the validity of the same. The User accepts that LUCUS SRL may share information with third-party holders of rights about the contents displayed by the User while using Miravilius while respecting the anonymity of the same.

LUCUS SRL may withdraw from the existing contract with the User at any time through written communication via email sent within seven days of the expiration of the offer or subscription or 30 days in advance with regards to subscriptions lasting at least two (2) months. If the withdrawal takes place before the natural expiration of the subscription, the User is only entitled to a partial refund for the relative unused subscription period.

This possibility does not affect the right of termination for just cause.


The registration is a procedure that requires the User to:

• read and accepted the privacy information;

• share relevant data;

• accept the "General Conditions and Terms of Service."

The registration implies acceptance of the dissemination of advertising messages within the appropriate portals by LUCUS SRL by the practices and uses of the Internet.

Once registered, the User can carry out, through the methods available from time to time on the Miravilius platform, a series of activities, including:

• modification of their data provided during registration;

• review your order history;

• purchase new offers/subscriptions

Purchase procedure

To purchase an offer or subscription to Miravilius services, the User must fill out an order in electronic format, following the instructions that will appear on the web. The contractual proposal will be considered accepted after LUCUS SLR confirms the authorization to pay the amount due indicated in the order form and when the Customer receives a confirmation email from LUCUS SRL with the summary of the order, the contextual information, and receipt of payment.

If the payment is not successful, the User not be able to access the paid services.

The offers and subscriptions are shown on the site in the User's "Purchase" section when the User places the order.

Economic conditions

Access to the platform is free to review the schedule of tours or other sections (eg faqs), but payment is required for viewing the digital tours via live streaming.

The User who signs a subscription or an offer acknowledges and accepts that the price will be charged at the time of purchase regardless of the full and / or partial use of the digital content on the Miravilius platform.

By subscribing to a temporal offer or a subscription, the User is exclusively entitled to the online live streaming service of guided tours. All other costs such as internet connection or data streaming are charged to the User.

Payment for the Service can be made by debit card, credit card, Paypal or other payment methods accepted by LUCUS SRL. In case of refusal by the payment service provider, access to the platform regarding the viewing of Live Tours will not be authorized. The User declares to be the owner of the payment method used and any fraudulent use of the same when purchasing Miravilius services will not be attributable to LUCUS SRL.

LUCUS SRL reserves the right to refuse payments in accordance with applicable law.

The amount of the selected Service will be charged at the same time as the subscription in the case of a limited time offer, or monthly in the case of a subscription. The transaction will be processed on a secure site.

Within your user area you can view the expiration date of your offer / subscription.

The use of the Service is valid for only for one device.

To use Miravilius services, you must be 18 years of age or older, or the legal age of majority in the state in which you reside.

Promotions and discounts

If the User can use a free trial period of the Service, this duration will be specified to the User during the signing of the contract. The expiration of the trial period is visible in the user area, "account" section and then "orders".

The User may receive various offers and discounts related to the MIRAVILIUS service.

Deactivation of the user area

The User has the right to request the deactivation of his user area by sending an email to info@miravilius.com


The User can withdraw from the subscription to the Miravilius service within the user area in the "Account" and then "Orders" section. The User can make this request at any time before the natural expiration of the subscription. In this case, the monthly renewal will not be renewed, but the User will be able to continue to use the video streaming service until the expiration.

Right to reconsider

The User can terminate the contract without giving reasons within fourteen (14) days from the day of signing the contract. To terminate the contract, the User will need to send an email to info@miravilius.com indicating name, surname and email.

If the request is received within the fourteen days the User will receive a refund of the payments received through the payment methods used during the subscription phase.

There will be no penalty for terminating the contract; however, the right to reconsider will no longer be available once digital content streaming has begun.

Technical requirements and responsibilities

The User's responsibility is to ensure the possession and maintenance of the hardware and software necessary for accessing, receiving, and viewing the Miravilius platform service.

LUCUS SRL undertakes to guarantee the best possible Service for the User. However, no responsibility of damage can be attributed to the same in the case of cancellation or interruption of the live Tour or for problems during its development due to forces beyond Lucus SRL´s control, fortuitous event or technical issues not inherent to the Miraravilius platform and therefore not directly attributable to LUCUS SRL.

At the same time, LUCUS SRL will not be responsible to the User or third parties in case of incorrect usage of the Miravilius service, poor speed of the User's internet connection, or malfunction of the device used by the User.

If the User feels entitled to compensation due to non-compliance with the General Conditions, the User can write an email to info@miravilius.com explaining the reason.

In the event of a refund, the payment method selected by the User during the purchase will be used.

The quality of streaming Live Tour transmission may vary depending on the device used and the speed of the User's internet connection. The devices that can be used are smartphones, PCs, tablets, and smart TVs.

The software used for live streaming is provided by a third party. It will be necessary to download the application software for the Service before using the video content. The application relating to live streaming will be indicated on the Miravilius platform.

Intellectual property

LUCUS SRL owns all intellectual property rights connected to the Miravilius Service, including related contents. All material, including but not limited to the design, texts, software, graphics, images, and videos received by the User, are subject to our and/or others' copyright.

The User undertakes to use the Miravilius service exclusively for non-commercial purposes, without obtaining any financial or otherwise gain and not allowing other parties to use the Miravilius service. The User may not request payments for viewing the Live Tours of the platform, nor use the Miravilius service to attract other parties to purchase products, by themselves or from third parties, or to access certain premises.

The password, access codes or promotional codes sent exclusively to the User must be kept and not shared with third parties.

The User is not authorized to record the video contents of the Miravilius platform or to transfer them to third parties free of charge or for a fee.

The User undertakes not to use Miravilius services for illegitimate or unauthorized purposes.

In the event that LUCUS SRL identifies an unauthorized use by the User of the Miravilius services. Lucus SRL may immediately suspend access, particularly when these General Conditions are violated or following a request from any third party authorities. (Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza, Police etc ..)

Third Parties

The User may need to use live streaming applications operated by third parties. The use of these applications may be subject to the terms of use or third-party license, with which the User will be required to comply. We cannot in any way be held responsible for the conditions of third party applications that the User utilizes as part of the Miravilius service.


The User can contact LUCUS SRL with any technical or commercial problems, by sending an email to info@miravilius.com.


In the event of a transfer of the existing contract with the User to a third party, the User will be notified, and the latter will have the right to withdraw from the contract through a declaration via email within 30 (thirty) days of receiving our communication.

The User may not assign, sub-contract or otherwise dispose of their rights and/or obligations under these Conditions.

Privacy and Personal Data Protection

Users' data are processed in compliance with current regulations. For more information, please read the privacy policy on the web page: privacy_policy

It is understood that the User may request the deletion of their data at any time by sending an email to info@miravilius.com

The Data Controller has adopted the security measures deemed suitable to guarantee the secrecy and confidentiality of personal data, as defined according to the laws in force.

Some pages of the Site and Web Services have cookies that are not invasive or harmful, nor do they contain personal data: the only function of the cookies is to personalize navigation. The User can activate the settings of their browser to refuse the installation of cookies. For more information, please read the Use of Cookies page.

Applicable law and competent court

Except as provided by non-repeal laws, the Court of Lagonegro (Pz) will be exclusively to settle any dispute concerning these Conditions and the relationships regulated by them.